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App Localization App Localization

Take your app strings, sprinkle some native human translation and make your end-users happy.

Enhanced QA Enhanced QA

We test your strings on device to ensure everything looks great in context.

Metadata Localization Metadata Localization

Test your markets with App Store Description and Keyword localization. We know which app stores work best!

General Translation Services General Translation Services

Need your website, support docs or press release translated? We can help with any text translation.

App Store Copywriting App Store Copywriting

Stuck for words? One of our professional and experienced copywriters can help.

Knowledge Base Knowledge Base

We share our iOS & OS X knowledge to help developers with localization niggles. Free of charge, of course.

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Learn about the latest goings-on at Applingua

4 April

Ask Applingua: How long does it take to localize an app?

Perhaps the most difficult question we get asked here at Applingua is how long it takes to localize an app. You’ve heard the expression, ‘how long is a piece of string’ right? “How long does it take to localize an app? What’s an average number of strings? Will app localization or translation impact my release […]

31 March

5 Questions About Localization – A Survey

Posted in Localization

We’ve put together a little survey here at Applingua HQ and we’d love your input! It should take no more than a minute to complete, so if you have some free time and can help us we’d really appreciate it! :) Thanks!

28 March

Ask Applingua: How do I Decide Which Languages to Localize My App Into?

Of all the questions we get asked by developers, this is probably the most common one. It’s the million dollar question (though no localization should ever cost that much!), and there’s never going to be an easy answer to all of the questions surrounding your choice.. “How do I know which languages my users speak? […]