5 Apps We’d Like to See Localized

Back in August Ben Thomas picked five of his favorite apps that aren’t yet localized. We’ve come up with another list of five that we think should be available in everyone’s native language. To try and spur on the developers we’re offering a 10% discount again on localization to all the apps featured in this post. Don’t say we never do anything nice for you ;)

CoBook (Mac) Free


Billed as ‘the smart address book’, Cobook is a Mac address book alternative which sits in your menu bar. It’s like a supercharged version of the Mac standard, allowing you to connect in your Facebook and Twitter accounts as well as tag your contacts and make calls straight from the app. It’s available for free which is always a plus, and sits quietly out of the way until you need it. Hitting a phone number will either dial it for you or display it extra large depending on your preference. Clicking on an address will take you to Google Maps, twitter usernames will take you to their feed. Unfortunately clicking on their birthday won’t send them a card but hey, maybe that’s coming in a later version 😉 Adding new info is as simple as clicking the pencil and then hitting enter, making it a super quick, super useful app to own. We’d love to see it localized!


30/30 (iOS) Free

30 3030/30 is a timer app designed to help you manage your task list. Want to take a break every hour? Or only check your emails every 45 minutes? Set up recurring tasks in 30/30 and it’ll alert you when it’s time to switch. With it’s uncluttered UI and intuitive gesture usage, this app is a definite gem. It can work in the background too, always handy. It’s not a fancy app, but it does what it was designed to do well. A good next step is to localize it so the rest of the world can have a play too.


Day One (iOS, Mac) £2.99

Day One

Day One is a journalling app, available separately on both iOS and Mac OS. There are so many social diaries/timeline/journal apps nowadays, it’s refreshing to find one that doesn’t force your daily, largely uninteresting, routine on your friends. Speed is key in Day One – open the app, click + and you’re done. Write in a tweet-like fashion, add a picture, tag the weather and add your location and you have a well-rounded journal entry that’ll actually make sense when you look back in a few months time.

I’ve [Rob] been using Day One on the Mac and my iPhone for some time now and it’s one I keep coming back to. We definitely think others should get to enjoy this beautifully-simple, yet effective, journal app, regardless of their native language.


Halftone (iOS) £0.69

HalftoneHalftone is a fun camera app that turns your photos into comics. It has an impressive wealth of options available so that you can customise your comic to your hearts content before pushing it out to your social networks like Twitter and Instagram. We like that you can take and edit your photos within the app before adding them to your strip to add texts and comedy sound effect bubbles. Now everyone photo you take can be accompanied by a Batman ‘POW!’. Yay!


Etsy (iOS) Free


Etsy is a really good example of an iOS app done well. It’s clear and concise, easy to use without being frustrating or lacking features found on the web and is beautiful looking to boot. Transitioning to a localized app would be the next logical step since their website is already available for English, German and French users. Etsy’s support team also offer help in English, French and German so hopefully a localized app isn’t too far into the future.


10% Discount terms and conditions:
10% discount is valid for use for three months from September 1st 2012. We know who you are so just get in touch :)