App Marketing Etiquette Rules & Tips

A little while ago we did a round up of app etiquette rules and tips. We’re back this month to talk about marketing etiquette. You’ve got your app, you’re ready to launch – here’s how not to piss off the people that can help you get exposure. You’re welcome! 🙂

Marketing Etiquette Rules & Tips

1. Don’t send out large, unsolicited attachments with your press releases

Thanks Amy Davies for this one. Nobody likes to be added to a mailing list without permission. It’s okay to contact people you think might be interested in your goods or services (after all, they might not find out about you any other way) but it’s not good to hound and it’s definitely not cool to clog their inboxes while you do it.

Set up a press pack on your website. Send a small, friendly message and direct people to the URL if they want to know more information. Simple!

2. Research the best contact for your product

Thanks again Amy Davies for this one. If you’re trying to get the word out about your app it can be tempting to email your entire address book in the hope that someone will look. Please stop this. It’s rude, annoying and disingenuous – all things that put people off.

Do a bit of research. Find out which market areas your app is suited to and try and target those. If you don’t know who to send your information to then just ask. Most people will respond if they feel like there’s a human on the other end.

3. Write it, bin it, write it again

Thanks James Thomas for this one. It doesn’t really need a lot of explanation – most of the time your first attempt isn’t the best attempt. So write it, salvage the bits you like and then have another go.

Solution: Write it, bin it, write it again! 🙂 Also, give yourself enough time to write something decent.

4. Be Human

Thanks Andrew Isidoro for this one, which also doesn’t need a lot of explanation (we hope). No one likes feeling like they’re a number or a stepping stone – so don’t treat your potential customers like that. Be personal and personable.

Solution: Don’t pretend to know info you don’t, be friendly and treat people the way you’d like to be treated.

5. Stand out

Want to get your app noticed? Then be memorable. There are likely to be thousands of new apps being launched at the same time as yours, so you’ll need to be something special if you want to stand a chance of making it up the rankings (and hopefully making some cash along the way).

Solution: Think outside the press release. Plan an event, make a video, send something intriguing. Just be different and unique. (& while we’re at it, your apps should follow the same rules!) 🙂

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