Tools of the Trade: Apps To Use Daily

We thought it was time for another ‘apps to use daily’ roundup, so we’ve put together a few of our top “tools of the trade”. You’re welcome!

First up:

Trello– Free


It’s not a secret that we love Trello, we’ve talked about it before. For those who don’t know – Trello is an organizational website which also has complimentary iPhone and iPad apps so you have no excuse to be in sync (um, thanks guys? I guess?). We use Trello a lot at Applingua – it’s perfect for small teams who aren’t always in the office together.

Pros: It’s free! What have you got to lose? It’s also incredibly flexible – it works around you, which is great.

Cons: You can’t add new data on the apps if you’re in airplane mode or out of signal, although you can at least view your existing lists.


Tweetbot– £1.99 (iOS) £1.99 (iPad) £13.99 (Mac OS)


It’s not really a secret that we love Tweetbot, either. (Yeah, maybe don’t trust us with your “not-really-a-secret” secrets? Seems we’re terrible at keeping them). We love that little blue bird and how easy it makes our Twitter experience, even when Twitter is changing the API every 17 seconds. We really haven’t looked back since installing this on all our (many) devices.

Pros: It’s slick, has a multitude of intuitive gestures and gives you the ability to mute a lot of things you don’t really care about. Also, you can use TweetMarker to save your place between devices, which is invaluable to us.

Cons: Cost. We’re not going to lie, this bird doesn’t come cheap. We do, however, think it’s worth the money.



BB Edit – Free

BB Edit

BB Edit is what Notepad would be if Notepad took steroids and had aspirational career goals. It’s a “high performance text and HTML editor”, and it’s easy to work with straight off the bat. If you like to hand code your sites then we heartily recommend giving BB Edit a try.

Pros: It’s just simple. Everything you need is there, and it doesn’t bombard you with things you won’t use.

Cons: We actually can’t think of one. Sweet!


Mailbox – Free


We admit it – when Mailbox was first launched we were skeptical. When we had to wait two weeks to even get in to the app, we were annoyed. “It’d better be bloody good!” was the angry proclamation every day we waited. Well, spoiler alert: it is. (PHEW).

Mailbox works with GMail accounts to declutter your inbox, helping you to deal with the emails that really matter. We’re pretty much permanently at inbox zero now, which is pretty impressive (to us, at least). If you’re often overwhelmed by a chaotic inbox then this is the app for you.

Pros: It’s pretty. The gestures are easy to master, and it syncs with the web version, so you’re always on top of your inbox (which is nice).

Cons: It only works with GMail apps right now, and if you organise your mail into folders you can’t see those from the app (although any emails in them will still show up in the ‘all mail’ screen at least). You also can’t (yet) mark anything as spam, although the developers have hinted this is coming in later versions.


CARROT – £0.69


CARROT is a sentient todo list that gets angry when you don’t complete tasks in a timely manner. In essence, it’s a mix of HAL and the Red Queen from Resident Evil – and we kind of like it. When CARROT is happy it gives you compliments, encouragement for ticking off an item and a free kitten (score!). When CARROT is unhappy you get taunts, the screen goes black and it feeds your kitten some sewage. CARROT works by having a funny and engaging narrative and then combining that with a slick UI. A definite must have.

Pros: It makes your todo list a game, essentially. A game that you really, really want to win.

Cons: It’s a todo list, not a todo list and shopping list, or todo list and calendar, or todo list and notepad. It does one thing, but boy does it do that one thing well.

So that’s our list! Apparently we like apps with blue icons the most. There you go, designers. You can have that one on us 😉

This isn’t an exhaustive list of everything we use here at Applingua, of course. We’d go into more detail but our dinner is on the table, so we need to wrap this up. We also use the standard things like Chrome (although Rob is more of a Safari kind of guy) for browsing, Evernote for organising, Freeagent for invoicing and Dropbox for storage. (Which also has a blue icon, yay! Told you 😉 ) We’ll write a more indepth post on Freeagent soon, since we think it’s so neat 🙂

If you have any great app suggestions (or are developing something awesome!) feel free to let us know and we’ll happily give it a test drive 🙂