Mar 2014

Dydd Gŵyl Dewi Hapus! What We Learnt About Building An App in 24 Hours

You might not be aware of this, but we’re proud of our Welsh roots here at Applingua HQ. Despite regularly translating apps in over 25 different languages, we’re often saddened by how few Welsh language apps there are on the App Store. Unfortunately Apple don’t make it easy either, as Welsh is still officially unsupported by iOS devices. However, where there’s a will, there’s a...

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Dec 2013

iOS7: Our Favourite Redesigns!

Redesigns – everyone is at it these days. Apple redesigned their mobile operating system, we redesigned our website and now our daily apps are following suit. God guys, copy cats much? 😉 And nothing quite says Christmas as the snow white of iOS 7. It’s been out for a few months now and we’ve had some time to really put these apps through their paces, here...

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Nov 2013

Time For Something New – Redesigning

Applingua has been around for a few years. A few people know about us now (hi mum!) and we’ve had a couple of iterations of our site. They’ve always been a static HTML site with a WordPress blog attached, but this time we decided the time had come to make it bigger, better and prettier, so we decided to go for a complete WordPress install....

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Jul 2013

Supporting unsupported languages in iOS

Old blog post! Since iOS 8 all languages are now supported, including Welsh! Yippee! Read here for more infomration Remember when we wrote about Apple and the unsupported languages issue? Occasionally we get asked to translate languages we cannot support. It’s not that we don’t want to, it’s just that Apple hasn’t yet included native support in iOS. Ironically, Applingua HQ is based in a country...

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May 2013

Tools of the Trade: Apps To Use Daily

We thought it was time for another ‘apps to use daily’ roundup, so we’ve put together a few of our top “tools of the trade”. You’re welcome! First up: Trello– Free It’s not a secret that we love Trello, we’ve talked about it before. For those who don’t know – Trello is an organizational website which also has complimentary iPhone and iPad apps so you...

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Apr 2013

App Marketing Etiquette Rules & Tips

A little while ago we did a round up of app etiquette rules and tips. We’re back this month to talk about marketing etiquette. You’ve got your app, you’re ready to launch – here’s how not to piss off the people that can help you get exposure. You’re welcome! 🙂 1. Don’t send out large, unsolicited attachments with your press releases Thanks Amy Davies for...

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Apr 2013

Useful WordPress Plugins

We know that a lot of our developer friends have blogs, and that a lot of those are run on WordPress (as is our blog!) so we thought we’d do a handy little round-up of our favourite useful WordPress plugins. Everyone likes things that make life a little easier, right? 🙂 We’re listing our top 5 but are always happy to find more so tweet...

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Mar 2013

Localization Myths – The Truth About Localization

It’s not every day you hear an agency telling you what they do is super easy and persuading you to use fewer of their services rather than more. At Applingua we really want everyone to get localization right, rather than up-sell more languages or persuade you to translate more than you should. We want to tackle some of the localization myths from the wonderful world...

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Feb 2013

Working on Your App Etiquette

We’ve all been there. You download a new app, play around with it for a while and then never use it again or delete it in a fit of ‘poor interface’ induced rage. As a user, it’s frustrating when apps don’t appear to be thinking about their end users but for developers it can be the difference between a killer app and a flop and...

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Jan 2013

The Difference Between Traditional and Simplified Chinese

I am often asked about the difference between Traditional and Simplified Chinese and why device and software manufacturers such as Google or Apple support both. People are often also confused by Mandarin and Cantonese and where they fit into the picture. This post hopefully clears up some of the complexities of one of the biggest and oldest languages in the world. Mandarin and Cantonese are...

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