May 2012

Applying For A Trademark In The UK

Those who follow our Twitter feed will no doubt know that our trademark application on “Applingua” came through last week. The process was surprisingly easy, but I wanted to share with you why we registered, how we did it and what implications owning a trademark has. Why we trademarked Applingua is a cool name, don’t you think? When you register a company in the UK, another...

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May 2012

Going Paperless with Evernote

There aren’t many things I hate, but when it comes to my workspace two things come to mind: cables and paper. I never understood how one small laptop and printer could eventually fill an entire room with filing cabinets. We spent the 90s being told that computers could store infinite amounts of data, but very few companies actually ever tried. When I started Applingua, I...

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May 2012

Support for 10 new languages in iTunes Connect

It’s not only the Queen who gets two birthdays! Apple announced today support for extra 10 languages in iTunes Connect (iTC). iTC now supports Norwegian, Turkish, Finnish, Danish, Indonesian, Malay, Thai, Vietnamese, Greek, and Traditional Chinese. This means you can finally add App Store descriptions and keywords to your app in these languages, giving your apps a huge SEO boost. What this means for developers who...

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May 2012

Gathering Feedback

We’d like to gather some Feedback at Applingua on app localization and how people who have done it have found the process. If you’ve ever localized an app (not necessarily with us!) we’d really appreciate it if you could take the time to answer this short questionnaire. Thank you!


Apr 2012

iOS App Store Global Revenue

Recently I happened to come across, and their blog post about where downloads and revenue take place on a global level. These statistics are pretty interesting from a localization perspective, since you are able to see where in the world the most activity takes place on the App Store and where you might benefit most from localizing your app. The statistics are roughly six...

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Mar 2012

The agony of machine translations

Let me introduce Robert Falck. A writer and geek himself, Robert has worked with Applingua over the 18 months on a variety of different apps. This week Robert tells us what it’s like to read and work with machine-translated text. I’m a native Swedish speaker, so I have a somewhat different view on localization and app translation in general. Not being a native English speaker,...

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Jan 2012

iTunes Connect Supported Languages

Excerpt from iTunes Connect Developer Guide (7.2): In short, we would recommend you localize to the following languages: English, Spanish, German, Dutch, Italian, French, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, Portuguese, Brazilian Portuguese, Russian, Swedish, Korean.


Nov 2011

Top 100 Paid Mac OS X Localizations

Last month we featured a blog post on available localizations in the Top 50 US Paid iOS App Store.This month we bring you some interesting statistics from the Mac App Store. Top 5 localized app languages This is the statistic most want to read. From the 8 stores we surveyed across North America, Europe and Asia, the top 5 languages in descending order were: French...

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Oct 2011

Top 50 Paid iOS App Localizations

Have you ever wanted to know how many of the top 50 paid apps on the iTunes App Store localize their software? We’ve just completed a minor survey and we’d like to share our results. Some interesting statistics: 34% of apps are localized (compared with a 22% spot-count in Jan 2011) 39% of US devs localized 23.5% of non-US devs localized 61.5% of those US devs who localized have...

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