Dydd Gŵyl Dewi Hapus! What We Learnt About Building An App in 24 Hours

iPad with Dewi Sant

You might not be aware of this, but we’re proud of our Welsh roots here at Applingua HQ. Despite regularly translating apps in over 25 different languages, we’re often saddened by how few Welsh language apps there are on the App Store. Unfortunately Apple don’t make it easy either, as Welsh is still officially unsupported by iOS devices.

However, where there’s a will, there’s a way! Using Chris Price’s language switching code, we set ourselves the challenge of creating a Welsh medium app from scratch in just 24 hours.

Two weeks ago, just a week before our patron saint’s day on 1st March, we teamed up with Year 4 Primary School teacher, Carrie Fisher, to create a curriculum-friendly St David’s Day app for children aged 7+. It needed to be interesting, relevant and interactive to capture our target audience’s imagination.

What we learnt

With Ms Fisher beavering away on content, I got to work on the app. This was my first ever iPad app (and second ever iOS app) so it was going to be a feat, even if the app’s logic is fairly straightforward. This is what we learnt:

  • Good content motivates development
  • Approximately ~12 hours development time wasn’t enough to create an ‘awesome’ app, but it’s certainly functional
  • Supporting unsupported languages is easier than first thought
  • You still can’t rely on average App Store review times 🙁
  • iOS development can be really fun

Here’s a little gallery of our app:

Special thanks goes to Carrie Fisher for content and consultation, Lowri Lewis for her excellent Welsh translation and Chris Price for some easy unsupported language switching code. If you’re thinking about translating your app into Welsh, please get in touch.

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Robert Lo Bue

Rob is CEO of Applingua. With over a decade's experience, he is at the forefront of tech localization.