We Made An App! Introducing CDF Hotspots

Although it’s our bread and butter, we don’t just handle localization at Applingua. Several months ago, Neil Cocker created a WiFi Hotspots Map to help office-less nomads find WiFi in Cardiff. The map has been invaluable to the many people who have scoured the city for a fast connection, but unfortunately Google don’t make it terribly easy to navigate when you’re on the go. When you’re using a 3G connection you don’t want to be faffing with a Google map trying to work out what’s closest to you, so we decided to update the list and create something  a little easier to use.

CDF Hotspots - helping you find WiFi in Cardiff

CDF Hotspots - helping you find WiFi in Cardiff

Enter CDF Hotspots, a new iOS app we’ve developed in conjuction with Cardiff Start to help you find WiFi Hotspots when you’re out and about in our Capital City. The app plots hotspots around the city, both free and paid, and lets you know how far the nearest one is, so you don’t need to go traipsing around looking for a place to sit down. If you’re looking for free WiFi in Cardiff, this app should be invaluable! It’s also perfect for all the new students in the city and anyone else planning a visit that doesn’t want to use up their 3G allowance all day.

The app is available to download now and it’s free, yay! For the moment we’re focusing on our capital city (there are a lot of people in Cardiff and a lot of WiFi spots in Cardiff!) but if you’d like to see something similar for the city you live in get in touch and we’ll add it to our list of things to do 🙂

We’ve already got quite a few features planned, so check out our Trello development page to see what’s in the pipeline. If you think we’ve missed anything, or you know a WiFi spot in Cardiff that isn’t featured and should be, feel free to email us and we’ll add it to the list! We recently added over 100 more spots and that number is growing all the time, so wherever you are you should be able to log on to a WiFi network without having to go too far 🙂