Huawei P30 is finally here

Huawei P30 is finally here

The Huawei P30 series has finally been launched. With super charging times, 4 rear cameras and edge to edge display, the new range of phones is set to rival the iPhone 11 and the Samsung Galaxy.

The P30 series includes a lite version, the P30 Mate, and a pro version, the P30 Pro.

Both versions come with a minimum of 128GB storage, which can be expanded with an SD card. If 128GB doesn’t cut it for you, then the Pro is available in a 256GB and a 512GB version.

With phone users taking fewer phone calls and using their smartphones more for messaging, watching videos and taking photos, tech companies now differentiate their products through the display quality and camera specs.

Neither the P30 Mate nor the Pro disappoint when it comes to the screen. Both boast OLED displays with the Mate having a 6.1inch display and the Pro a 6.47inch curved display, which Huawei are calling Horizon Display.

Both phones come with Leica cameras for capturing stunning images. Now for the first time the Pro version comes with a quad camera system, surpassing the iPhone 11 and its triple camera.

Supercharging is a key feature of the phones with the Pro charging from 0% to 70% in 30 minutes and about an hour for 100%.

The phones also support 4G and 5G technology, so they are ready for future network improvements and rollouts.

Both phones operate on Google’s open source Android system, currently using Android 9 alongside Huawei’s own system EMUI.

Since the US blacklisted Huawei earlier this year, the new series is being launched with no Google apps or services preloaded. Not only will users not be unable to access Google apps but the lack of Google services will impact on third party apps which use these services, such as ride hailing apps and food delivery services.

Despite the predicted effect on worldwide sales, the main consumer market for Huawei is China, which doesn’t use Google apps or services and also happens to be the world’s largest smartphone market.

The new phones will be on sale in China from the 26th of September 2019. Release dates for Europe and the rest of the world have not been released yet, but they are expected to follow shortly behind.

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