Mac OS Apps We Can’t Live Without – Part Two

Mac OS Apps

It’s time for me to do my indispensable Mac Os Apps list, following Rob’s post last week. Some of the Mac OS Apps we use are the same, but we do have some noticeable differences (because I’m better, obviously 😉 just kidding, boss)

Chrome (free) – while Rob is a big Safari fan I’m much more of a Chrome advocate for my browser of choice. It’s a good looking browser, and the ability to sync tabs with my iPhone means I’m never far away from my browser history and bookmarks.

OS X Mail & Messages (included) – I’m not a big fan of these two either, but unless someone can offer a better alternative it looks like these are our options for now. I’d probably like messages a lot more it if didn’t auto-load the messages window every time I clicked on the icon, and if it didn’t hide my contacts list. Little things.

Tweetbot for Mac (£13.99) – Definitely the best Twitter client for Mac I’ve ever used (and trust me, I’ve used a lot), Tweetbot is smart, easy to use and happily syncs with my iOS version, eliminating hours of scrolling. Is it expensive? Yes. It’s not a cheap option and it still has some missing features but it’s definitely on the right track.

Reeder (£2.99) – my favourite feed reader, Reeder keeps all of my feeds nice and neat. I was a die hard Google Reader user for years, but Reeder has completely taken over with it’s elegant look and ease of use. Another Mac OS program that has a complementing iOS app, which I also use and love.

CheatSheet (free) –  No bells and whistles, just  a nifty little tool which shows me all of the keyboard shortcuts available for whatever app I’m in at the time.

CoBook (free) – We’ve mentioned CoBook before on the blog, and it’s still the best address book app I’ve found so far. Like Contacts on steroids, CoBook syncs to Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin and more to provide me with more details than I can shake a stick at. It sits unobtrusively in my toolbar too, another plus.

Alfred (free) – This app has probably become my most used app, without me even realising. An app launcher, document finder, calculator and more, Alfred is an absolute timesaver.

Wunderlist (free) – I use Wunderlist to keep track of my many (many many) to do lists. The ability to create different lists for different things, plus the option to make them collaborative and sync with the iPhone app makes this a must have for me.

There are a few more apps that I use every day, but these are my main staples – I’d be bereft without them! If there are any other Mac OS Apps you think we should be using (or hope against hope you have a better alternative for Messages 😉 ) then don’t be shy, feel free to let us know in the comment or via Twitter 🙂