iOS7: Our Favourite Redesigns!

Redesigns – everyone is at it these days. Apple redesigned their mobile operating system, we redesigned our website and now our daily apps are following suit. God guys, copy cats much? 😉

And nothing quite says Christmas as the snow white of iOS 7. It’s been out for a few months now and we’ve had some time to really put these apps through their paces, here are some of our favourite redesigns. (In alphabetical order so no one can accuse us of playing favourites 😉 )


Duolingo actually wrote a nice post about the decisions behind their iOS redesign. It’s so clean! The main UI has had a complete overhaul and the app feels even easier to use than before, something no one will complain about we bet.

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Plane Finder

Rob’s been travelling a lot recently and occasionally likes to pretend he’s a bit of a plane spotter. Whether you’re into aviation or not, this well designed app crams a lot of information in a clean and clear user interface. iOS 7 made it all the more pretty. Plane Finder also happens to be one of our clients. We love it!

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No one could ever accuse us of being gym bunnies, but Run Keeper is the exercise app that’s stuck for us. (Especially as it integrates with GymPact – well worth a look if you want to make sure you actually go to the gym!). As with all the iOS7 redesigns, Runkeeper’s new look is clean and clear, making it extra easy to quickly log your workout.

Localized into: English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese & Spanish

Tweetbot 3 (iOS)

If you don’t already know how much we love Tweetbot then you must be new here – hi, hello, it’s nice to meet you. It seems like we’re forever going on about this little mechanical bird, but it really and truly is our Twitter client of choice and we think it’s well worth the money.

The iOS7 update came with a host of changes (some great, some that took a little getting used to) but the end result is something worth celebrating – never again will we have to use Twitter web, hurrah!

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Wikipanion is a fairly unobtrusive app, and many might not bother with it but it’s secured a coveted front page spot for the Applingua team. Zero clutter, fast load times and easy readability – everything you want from a Wikipedia app. Wikipanion just delivers, no fuss and no fanfare. Good work, guys.

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Of course we know there are many, many (dear god so many) more redesigns that have been going on over the last few months – but these are the ones we use on a near daily basis. What’s becoming interesting is seeing which apps aren’t bothered to update – whether due to developer fatigue or lack of skills, weren’t not sure. Some of our absolute favourites are still running a clunky iOS6 skin (or earlier, the horror) and we’ve given up hope of them every getting a shiny new style.

Mostly we’re just idly wondering whether a lack of a redesign will eventually force users to seek out newer, more regularly updated apps…food for thought!

Anthony Ash

A lover of language, Anthony speaks several and is particularly interested in historical linguistics. With an MA in Linguistics and a Postgraduate Diploma in Education, he is our Chief Language Expert and Director of Training.