Localization, iOS and Mac OS Resources

We spend a lot of time online at Applingua, which is probably understandable given that our entire business resides on the internet. We read blogs, tweet fun people and play with apps. (It’s a hard life). We’ve put together a list of some of our favourite resources for finding new and interesting information in the worlds of localization, iOS and Mac OS.

We’re always interested to find more localization blogs (there don’t seem to be many of us about!) so if you write one or know of one please give us a nudge 🙂 (We even read our competitors blogs every now and again to make sure we stay up to speed so don’t be shy if you’re one of those 😉 )

Localization – useful for us

http://www.icanlocalize.com/site/blog – I Can Localize post semi regularly, usually with useful posts for translators and localizers alike.

http://i18nblog.com - LingoPort‘s blog is definitely a useful resource for people interested in the worlds of localization and internationalization.

http://joconner.com – We’d love to see this blog updated more regularly –  in the meantime check the archives, there are some spot on posts regarding localization here.

http://kb.applingua.com – Not a blog but our own knowledge base has pretty much all you need to know about localizing an app on iOS and Mac OS.

We’re always interested in reading about android localization too so feel free to send us some new resources to read!

iOS & Mac OS – useful for developers

http://blog.corywiles.com – Cory’s posts are a good mix of tutorials and information about what it’s like to be an iOS developer.

http://yourleft.net – Ben has written a couple of guest posts for us in the past (Thanks Ben!) but he also has his own blog. We’re hoping linking to it here will encourage him to update it more frequently since it’s one that we enjoy reading!

http://stephanierieger.com – Stephanie is another blogger who doesn’t update often but when she does her posts are interesting and insightful.

http://www.distimo.com/blog – There’s always something new to learn on the Distomo blog, definitely one to check out if you like a graph or two.

http://fiveaday.co – Five a Day repost five great pieces of content they’ve found online, every day. A neat concept, allowing a mini round up without having to trawl the web yourself.

http://idevblogaday.com – one of our favourites.

http://www.buildingiphoneapps.com – written by an indie iOS developer, documenting the process of building iOS apps.

http://ios-blog.co.uk – some more useful information about iOS developement.

http://robertlobue.com – It might be cheeky to add Rob’s blog to this list but he often writes new reviews of products and services that we use here at Applingua, so it’s definitely worth a click.

That’s all for now, next week we’ll give you a list of useful people to follow on Twitter – stay tuned!