Our Localization Rates Are Changing

Over the last three and a half years, Applingua has been proud to offer one single rate of translation across all languages. It made it easy for our clients, easy for our translators and easy for our accountants ūüėČ

As¬†it has always been our mission to make the translation process as smooth as possible we’ve been absorbing the¬†additional costs of doing this for a while, but¬†we’ve now reached the point where it’s¬†no longer possible to maintain a single rate across all languages.

What’s the problem?

In the best possible way, demand for our quality translation services has increased year on year, which means we’ve had to recruit and train additional translators for each language. Behind the scenes, translation rates are determined by many different factors including experience, language, location, supply (how much work Applingua can provide) and demand (how much in demand a translator is).

Due to the complexity of many Pan-Asian languages in comparison with our main source language, English, excellent translators have always been in high demand, and those with good app experience are also few and far between.

We know this potentially makes things a bit¬†tricky¬†for our clients and we thought long and hard before making these decisions. Do we sacrifice quality or charge more? In the end, sacrificing quality just wasn’t an option for us – we hope that our clients (past, present and future) will understand and support the decision we’ve made to make some changes to our rates.

What are you changing?

From July 15th 2014, the translation rates for the following languages will now be our $0.23 per word Pro Rate.

  • Japanese
  • Simplified & Traditional Chinese
  • Korean
  • Malaysian
  • Indonesian
  • Thai and
  • Russian

To soften the blow, these languages will now include our Pro Rate on-device testing free of charge, and of course all other languages will remain at our standard rate of $0.18 per word.

This move ensures we can remain the best app translation agency around, using the most qualified and experienced translators available. We hope you will continue to choose Applingua as your translation and localisation partner as we really do¬†love working with all of you! ūüôā