Mac Apps I Use Daily – Rob

It’s amazing to think it was just 10 years ago when we hung our head each time we read the words “Available for Windows XP/2000/98 only” in the latest computer magazine. Nowadays, I could take you for a beer and chat for hours about all the great tools available for OS X.

But everyone has a certain group of apps that they use every day. Those that really make our work day easier and those that are an absolute pain but a must. Here are mine.


It may seem like a browser is an obvious addition to this list, but as everyone has a personal browser preference I thought I’d mention mine. Over the years I’ve  swapped between browsers, but always end up coming back to Safari with every major update. It’s minimalist but feature packed and I love Cloud tab support. The new password manager is also miles ahead of what it used to be.

OS X Mail

I’m glad I didn’t move my life over to Mail competitor Sparrow now that updates have all but disappeared since their Google acquisition. Mail isn’t amazing, but it’s a damn sight better than most other email clients on OS X. Smart and VIP mailboxes have certainly helped organise my work emails.


I have nothing nice to say about Messages, but unfortunately it’s a necessary evil. Adium, an alternative messaging app, is highly customisable but just doesn’t work for me (for some reason it keeps getting my contacts confused so I have no idea who I’m talking to). I’m left with this app which I swear at daily, but use constantly. If you have any ideas for better alternatives, I’d love to know!


I always mention Dropbox in these things. Dropbox is an amazing tool that sits almost invisibly on my Mac. It syncs my entire life across all my devices. It’s so simple, yet so so necessary for all computer users, regardless of OS. As always, an absolute must recommendation.

Tweetbot for Mac

It may be the most expensive Twitter client for Mac, but it’s also hands-down the best. Tweetbot for Mac looks great and has all the best functionality from all the rest bundled in one. Wouldn’t use Twitter without it.


Skype comes under scrutiny from the Twitterati with every release, but it’s still the best VoIP client around. I personally video call people for around an hour a day and use it constantly to keep in touch with Applingua’s translators and clients.


Everyone has a text editor of choice. BBEdit is mine. I’ve tried the others, none hand strings and different languages as well as BBEdit (though Right-To-Left language support can be greatly improved!).


It’s one of those tools you don’t know how much you need until you have it. Re-keying my screenshot shortcuts to route through LittleSnapper means I can store, edit and annotate every screenshot as required.

Mars Edit

Maintaining the six blogs I keep (including this one!) is made a million times easier with Mars Edit. It’s super simple layout hides a very powerful support for all the major blogging platforms.


Everyone needs a little fun when working. Spotify has without doubt changed the way I discover and listen to music. It’s bloody fantastic and worth every penny.

Of course there are many apps that I use like iLocalize, Coda, Aperture, Pages, Keynote, Transmit that I love too, but the above are literally used every day without fail.

Robert Lo Bue

Rob is CEO of Applingua. With over a decade's experience, he is at the forefront of tech localization.