Metadata Localization

Localizing your search metadata and marketing text lets potential users find your apps quickly and comfortably in their own language.

App Store Descriptions & Keywords

App Store Descriptions and other marketing texts are important tools to help international users discover your app in their own language.

Metadata localization is available in most major languages, with some notable exclusions. Please be sure to check which languages are supported by your preferred App Store before proceeding here: iOS, Android, WP8.

Remember to send your metadata to us along with your app strings or adopt a market-testing strategy and send us just your metadata for localization.

Market-testing strategy

You don’t have to localize your app to localize your metadata. Metadata localization can be very useful on its own to identify potential markets prior to localizing the rest of your product.

Metadata Localization from Applingua


Quick strategy

  1. Choose several metadata localizations
  2. Monitor sales increases in different regions
  3. Localize app strings based on sales

This is a really cost effective way of starting localization and can really help identify in which regions your app may have wider appeal.

Turn around times are also much quicker than an entire app and, depending on which store, you don’t always have to wait for approval.

Send us your metadata today and we’ll get back to you with a quick-turnaround quote.