Please Apple, It’s Time To Support Arabic*

Hi Apple,

Long time no speak! We are just asking again if it would be possible to add additional language support to iTunes Connect. We’ve spoken about this before, on our blogon Twitter, in person at WWDC, but it’s almost 2016 and we thought we’d ask once more. After all, it is Christmas! 😉

You’ve done great work on iOS localization support. Since iOS 8, we’ve been able to translate apps into almost every conceivable language (including Klingon!). A big thank you for that from everyone here at Applingua, our translators and, I’m sure, all the developers who have translated their apps.

But the support is not yet complete. iTunes Connect still only supports a paltry 28 languages, four of which are variations of English. This is vastly fewer than Google’s Play Store, which supports a pretty impressive 51 languages.

This means that while developers are busy localizing their apps, they can’t translate their App Store Description and Keywords. Worse still, speakers of unsupported languages find it difficult to discover great apps available in their native tongue. The most notable of these is Arabic, but we’re also missing Hebrew, Hindi, and many Eastern European languages.

So we just wanted to ask nicely, you know, Christmas and all, if you could make it a point to add these in early 2016. Please 🙂

Best wishes and much love,
Rob & Sarah

*Not just Arabic, but Hebrew, Croatian, Slovak, Ukrainian, Hindi… and more!

Robert Lo Bue

Rob is CEO of Applingua. With over a decade's experience, he is at the forefront of tech localization.

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