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Our Cloud-Based Translation Management Platform

We make use of the latest solutions in cloud-based technology to ensure your project is stored and managed efficiently.

With a cloud-based translation solution, you don’t have to worry about starting again with updates: we’ll just download your project from the cloud and pick up where we left off.

Thanks to glossaries and Translation Memory software, consistency is no longer an issue – we keep a record of our past translations to ensure your future translations are consistent.

Cloud Based Translation Management System

How does the platform work?

We use a platform called Crowdin as our backend localization and translation management tool. We have an agency account which gives us full access to all the powerful tools that make project and string management consistent. After you’ve sent us your strings, we’ll create a project for your app and invite the translators in, answering any questions they may have all in one easy-to-use place.

Is the platform free?

For you, yes! We manage our account so that clients and translators don’t pay any more than our standard per word charge. If you choose to host the strings yourself and just invite us in as translators, you’ll need to check with Crowdin for more information on pricing.

Can I be a part of the project too?

Sure! The majority of our clients prefer to just hand everything over to us and just get the translated files back when they’re ready. If you prefer to be part of the process, we’d happily invite you in to see translator progress and how we work – just let us know!

How do I upload files and updates to the platform?

In most cases, you don’t need to. Just contact us and we will manage everything. If you want to be a manager on the project too just let us know and we’ll set that up for you at no extra charge.

Any File, Any Language

We accept any file format, meaning you don’t have to spend time converting anything. From XML to database dumps, word docs to .xliffs. Whether you’re localizing for iOS, Android, Windows, Steam, OS X or WordPress, we can support the native string format without tweaks.

Android (.xml)
Apple (.strings)
Windows Phone (.resx)
Firefox OS (resources)
.NET (.resx)
Java (.properties)
GNU GetText (.po, .pot)
Ruby on Rails (.yaml, .yml)
PHP (.php)
Generic JSON (.json)
Generic XML (.xml)
Generic ini (.ini)
Windows (.rc,.resw,.resjon)
Joomla (.ini)
Chrome (.json)
Flex (.properties)
XLIFF (.xliff, .xml)
HTML (.htm, .html, .xhtml)
Plain Text (.txt)
CSV (.csv)
Markdown (.md)
MediaWiki (.wiki, .wikitext)
OpenDocument (.odt, .ott, .ods, .ots, .odg, .otg, .otp)
Microsoft Office (.docx, .dotx, .xlsx, .pptx, .potx)
InDesign (.idml)
YouTube Subtitles (.sbv)
DKLang (.dklang, .lng)
WebVTT (.vtt)
Adobe FrameMaker (mif)

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