Sneak Peek at our new branding!

Sneak Peek at our new branding!

How we started out

All companies have a history. Different lengths, different experiences. Starting in December 2010, Applingua’s story isn’t the longest, but we’ve come a long way since then.

When Rob, our founder, decided to step away from his 9-5 to take on the world of app localization, he knew it would be challenging. He could see translation agencies at the time weren’t approaching app localization from the right angle. They saw string translation as nothing more than glorified text translation.

But that isn’t how apps work. It isn’t how tech works. Strings are strings, not lengthy prose.

Rob knew this issue needed addressing, so he registered the domain, put an excellent team of translators together and started his first project.

Seven years later

Seven years later, a lot has changed at Applingua. Although we still work with many of the same translators we started out with, we’ve since welcomed many more to the team.

Our team has now worked on thousands of app localization projects. The industry has changed for the better and app localization is now recognized as an essential domain in app design and translation.

Over the years, we’ve helped a wide range of clients open their apps to the non-English speaking world: Alto’s Adventure by Built By Snowman, Bear App by Shiny Frog and Kik Messenger by Kik Interactive to name just a few.

As happy customers have come through our doors, they’ve asked us to work on other parts of their business – not just the app. So we started translating support documents, presentations and whole websites.

In fact, for some clients, we’re translating just about any communications they produce.

Our story continues

The team at Applingua quickly realized that the story doesn’t end at app localization. Translating in the tech industry in general needs addressing – not just within apps!

We’re now on our journey to provide the best translations possible for the tech industry. As our clients grow, we are growing with them.

Robert Lo Bue - CEO

By doing this, we realize that our logo doesn’t quite represent what we’re now doing. We’re no longer just about apps. We’re about tech and we’re about translation.

This means we need a brand which represents who we are and what we do.

So, on that note, we would like to officially announce that in less than two weeks our new brand for 2018 onwards will be revealed!

What’s changing? Everything! The colours, the logo, the font – you name it, it’s changing!

The new brand will show Applingua as the international, multilingual, tech translation provider it truly is.

Anthony Ash

A lover of language, Anthony speaks several and is particularly interested in historical linguistics. With an MA in Linguistics and a Postgraduate Diploma in Education, he is our Chief Language Expert and Director of Training.

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