Supporting unsupported languages in iOS

Old blog post! Since iOS 8 all languages are now supported, including Welsh! Yippee! Read here for more infomration

Remember when we wrote about Apple and the unsupported languages issue?

Occasionally we get asked to translate languages we cannot support. It’s not that we don’t want to, it’s just that Apple hasn’t yet included native support in iOS.

Ironically, Applingua HQ is based in a country which isn’t supported by Apple or indeed any of the major Smartphone OSes. With over half a million Welsh speakers, many Welsh people find it difficult to run software in their preferred language.

Until Apple supports Welsh, or any other unsupported language for that matter, there’s no official, native way to offer your app bilingually. But when has that ever stopped us?

iOSDevUK organizer, Chris Price, has been kind enough to share with us a sample Xcode project and instructions on how to create an in-app language switcher along with a string lookup table. It’s very simple to implement, but extremely effective.

Download the source code here
Unsupported Language

Until Apple opens up the iOS language list to all ‘other’ languages, which coincidentally it does on OS X, the above is currently the nicest way I’ve seen to support unsupported languages in iOS. Download it and give it a go! Any feedback is welcome 🙂

Robert Lo Bue

Rob is CEO of Applingua. With over a decade's experience, he is at the forefront of tech localization.