Time For Something New – Redesigning Applingua.com

Applingua has been around for a few years. A few people know about us now (hi mum!) and we’ve had a couple of iterations of our site. They’ve always been a static HTML site with a WordPress blog attached, but this time we decided the time had come to make it bigger, better and prettier, so we decided to go for a complete WordPress install. Why, yes, we are fancy. Thanks.

Mostly, we wanted to be able to showcase what we do a bit better, so <plug> check out our brand spanking new portfolio page for an indepth lesson in what Applingua does for you when you hire us. </plug> And then, er, maybe hire us? 🙂 You know. If you want to. No biggie. *whistles nonchalantly*.

Elsewhere we’ve done a bit of streamlining on our logo – with the release of iOS7 there’s been a sweeping trend towards flat and we’re jumping on that band wagon with all four feet*. Shadows are so 2012. Pft.

We’ve also got a shiny new homepage, with links to our skills, some spiffy testimonials from our lovely clients (cheques are in the post guys, cheers) and a bit more info about the awesomeness that is our small but fun localization agency 🙂

Lookit! Shiny icons! We’d love to know what you think, obviously, so if you have any comments or spot any errors then drop us an email or a tweet! 🙂

*Because there are two of us, not because we are mutants. Just to clear that one up…

Anthony Ash

A lover of language, Anthony speaks several and is particularly interested in historical linguistics. With an MA in Linguistics and a Postgraduate Diploma in Education, he is our Chief Language Expert and Director of Training.