Useful WordPress Plugins

We know that a lot of our developer friends have blogs, and that a lot of those are run on WordPress (as is our blog!) so we thought we’d do a handy little round-up of our favourite useful WordPress plugins. Everyone likes things that make life a little easier, right? 🙂 We’re listing our top 5 but are always happy to find more so tweet us if you use a good one!

1. Jetpack

Jetpack - Useful WordPress Plugins

This is the daddy of all plugins – if you take nothing else away from this post then at least install this and give it a whirl 🙂 Offered as the account options for installs, Jetpack gives you access to a lot of fun and useful options for your blog like galleries, social network publicizing and shortlinks to name but a few. It’s updated often and always with something useful.

2. Editorial Calendar

Editorial Calendar - Useful WordPress Plugins

If you schedule blog posts ahead of time then this is the plugin for you. Instead of working out if the 12th is a Monday when you’re scheduling a post, you can view your posts on a monthly calendar with Editorial Calendar. You can also drag posts around to reschedule, and create new posts directly from the calendar view. Very, very useful, especially for people who write recurring weekly posts 🙂 Hat tip to @hayles for putting us onto this one.

3. Scroll Up

Scroll Up - Useful WordPress Plugins

This is a tiny little plugin, that basically adds a little arrow for people to use as a ‘return to top’ button. Useful, customisable, easy. Everything we love in a plugin!

4. WordPress SEO

Wordpress SEO by Yoast - Useful WordPress Plugins

We love Yoast. Our favourite plugin of theirs is WordPress SEO but there are many others so check them out, there might be others that would be useful for you. If you want people to find your website but aren’t sure if your SEO is up to scratch then WordPress SEO can help. It’s easy to use and understand which we like (SEO can be tricky) and best of all: it works. Which is nice.

5. Akismet

Akismet - Useful WordPress Plugins

An oldie but a goodie. Spam comments (sadly) still seem to be around – as an aside, is what they’re doing actually working? Surely not? – so you’ll need something to combat it if you don’t want to spend your time manually deleting them all. Enter Akismet – you can get it for free for personal sites or on a sliding scale for commercial sites and it’s definitely the best spam blocker we’ve found. Take that, spammers.

& that’s it! Our top 5 WordPress plugins 🙂 Hope you’ve found something useful here – do let us know @applingua if you find any more!