Celebrating 5 Years!

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An incredible five years ago, I sat down at a spare desk in my parents house and started working on Applingua’s first website. I had just moved back to the UK from Munich and didn’t have a penny to my name. One thing was clear to me at that time from my previous job, software localization was far too difficult for developers. I was convinced I could help change that.

Within days Applingua had its first client and from that moment on, we never looked back. In 2012, I hired Sarah whose help has been invaluable in helping me push forward. Applingua grew firmly into a small company, with an office, employees and real expertise. Translators I got to know in that very first month stayed with us. In fact, we have worked with the gross majority of our translators for the full five years now, watching them grow with us too.

App localization and translation remains an important aspect of the development, sales and marketing process for many developers. As the Chinese and Japanese markets grow exponentially against the English speaking world, localization is becoming ever more important. Over the next year Applingua will invest heavily making sure we provide a high quality and convenient service. Keep an eye out because it’s going to get pretty exciting!

A huge thank you to all our clients, translators, friends and family who have helped along the way. Millions of people wouldn’t be able to launch their favourite apps in their native language without you.

Let’s all make 2016 a year to remember!

Best wishes,

Robert Lo Bue

Rob is CEO of Applingua. With over a decade's experience, he is at the forefront of tech localization.

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