Which internationalization talks to look out for at WWDC 2018

Which internationalization talks to look out for at WWDC 2018

Whether you’re at WWDC in San Jose or following from the comfort of your own desk at home, we’ve trawled the WWDC timetable for the relevant localization and internationalization sessions and workshops for iOS and macOS apps.

WWDC Sessions

Creating Apps for a Global Audience

Head over to Hall 3 or wait for the video to go live between 9am and 9.40am PST. Apple claims this session is to “learn about the many aspects of creating apps for different regions and languages” and touches on “fonts and typography, layout techniques, and support text input.” Sounds like a good way to start your internationalization journey.

New Localization Workflows in Xcode 10

If you are already localizing your apps, this session should be useful to see what’s new, what’s been made easier, and what you’re going to have to change in your iOS and macOS apps and games. Head over to the Executive Ballroom (ooh, fancy!) between 10am-10.40am PST.


For those who are lucky enough to be at WWDC, head over to Technology Lab 9 where you’ll find a load of Apple engineers who work on internationalization and localization within Apple, its products and Xcode. This is obviously our favourite lab and in the past has really helped Applingua to help its clients better.

Not at WWDC?

Fear not, just download the WWDC app and watch all the sessions there, at your convenience!

Robert Lo Bue

Rob is CEO of Applingua. With over a decade's experience, he is at the forefront of tech localization.

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