WWDC 2014: Session Videos

“To take your application to the next level, you simply must localize.”

That’s how Xcode Software Engineer, Zolten Foley-Fisher, began his session at WWDC this year on Localization with Xcode 6.

We couldn’t agree more.

This year’s WWDC broke ground in so many ways, it’d be almost impossible for us to list them all here. Naturally we’ve been digging through the WWDC Session Videos to find all we can about the future of localization on the platform and I can say, we are very excited!

Apple’s Developer NDA prevents us from specifically mentioning upcoming features, but we suggest watching the following session videos:

This video covers upcoming features in Xcode 6 along with something really, really exciting upcoming in iOS 8 (hint: more language support!). This is your must-watch.

This delves much deeper into code, and details some upcoming APIs that allow much greater flexibility for region and date-time features. If you’re creating a formatter heavy app right now, this session will help you a lot.

Finally, right?! Not too much on internationalization here, but this useful video will leave you thanking your lucky stars that this entire area has been endlessly improved. Woot!

What other WWDC videos should we be checking out? 🙂

Robert Lo Bue

Rob is CEO of Applingua. With over a decade's experience, he is at the forefront of tech localization.